Employee Appreciation Day: 5 Low Cost Ways to Thank Your Staff

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Employee Appreciation Day: 5 Low Cost Ways to Thank Your Staff

If you’re not already exhausted from Valentine’s and committed to boycotting any future Hallmark holidays, right around the corner is National Employee Appreciation Day. That’s right, folks, Friday, March 3 is the official designated day to thank your employees.

Why do we need an ‘official day’ to remind us to appreciate the people who keep our businesses running? Many bosses have good intentions but are too busy to stop and take the time to provide specific, thoughtful appreciation to our employees. Consider a fact from this article from HBR.

“High-performing organizations deliver roughly five times as many positive statements (supportive, appreciative, encouraging) to every one negative statement (critical, disapproving, contradictory).”

Employee Appreciation Day serves as a reminder. When’s the last time you thanked your employee?

To make an impact, your appreciation must be sincere. One of the best ways to demonstrate sincerity is by noticing your employees habits, preferences, and routines. It doesn’t take a lot of money to show your staff that you care.

5 Low Cost Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Staff

  1. Coffee. Does your employee walk into the office every morning with a coffee cup from a particular coffee shop? Chances are they stop at the same place every day on the way to work (maybe it’s even in your building.) You can buy a coffee shop gift card, and it doesn’t have to be expensive – even $5 or $10 will be appreciated. If you know their coffee shop location, pop in ahead of time and pay for their drink. Chances are their barista knows them and what they order.
  2. Lunch. What does your employee do for lunch every day? If they bring leftovers from home, let them know the day before you’d like to spring for their lunch. Give them a menu, ask for their order, and pick up their lunch (or have it delivered) right to the office. Yes, you can also take them out to lunch, but consider that not all employees find lunch with the boss a relaxing break. If you decide to go out, plan ahead and make reservations, or go early. Most restaurants are packed at lunchtime on Employee Appreciation Day.
  3. Handwritten note. When’s the last time (outside of a performance review) you delivered written appreciation to your employee? Make it specific and sincere. “It’s so nice coming into the office every morning to a pot of hot, fresh coffee.” or “I realized I haven’t filled the copy machine with paper in months. You’ve completely taken that over! It’s a small thing, but so helpful to everyone in the office.” For more tips on how to write a thank you note, check out Arden Clise’s website. Arden is a business etiquette expert with a modern twist on manners.
  4. Leave early (It is a Friday, after all). What better way to start the weekend than by knocking off a couple of hours early? Even better, let your employee know ahead of time that you’ll be sending them home early. That way, they can make plans with a friend or schedule a much needed errand.
  5. Be polite and friendly. How’s that for low cost? It does not take much effort to be kind. Phrases like “Good morning,” “How are you?,” “Please,” and “Thank you” go such a long way with people. Emily Post reminds us they’re called “magic words” for a reason.

How will you celebrate your employees this week?


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