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Leadership and Management Workshops

The courses below are a sample of the leadership and development training offered by Andrea Ballard, SPHR. For more information about these courses, or to speak with us about designing a customized course to meet your employee challenges, contact us.

The Totally Responsible Person

Less Drama. More Teamwork. Sound nice?

TRP® is a practical workshop that will help employees learn innovative and proven ways to control negative emotions, beliefs and habits that impede cooperation and productivity in the workplace. This two-part series focuses on personal accountability and helping leaders to become a Totally Responsible Person TRP®. This workshop covers nine foundational principles.

The Totally Responsible Person (TRP)® concept was developed in 1996 and has helped companies of all sizes representing a plethora of industries (such as Cisco Systems, ESPN, Merrill Lynch, US Airways) worldwide get to the core of personal and organizational accountability.

Better Interviews to Improve Your Bottom Line

This is a course designed to bring down cost, and bring you great employees. The best way to prevent against bad hires is by overhauling your interview process. Having an interview process that filters candidates for their ability to get the job done, and their alignment with your company culture strengthens your employer brand. A bad hire can cost your company as much as 30% of a yearly salary. It could also be costing your company in non-monetary ways like bringing down morale, stifling productivity and diluting company culture. This workshop covers essential interview skills every hiring manager needs, along with a review of legal issues related to interviewing.

Managing the Age Gap

This course from Inquix Learning is an essential workshop for anyone who works with or manages people from different generations. It provides a roadmap for multi-generational team success and how to tailor communication so it is best understood by each generation. Participants will walk away with an appreciation for the traits and preferences of each generation, how to improve inter-generational communication, defuse inter-generational conflict and promote a performance culture that resonates with someone of any age. Overall, this unique learning experience enables learners to catch the vision of possibilities of full multi-generational collaboration.

Ready, Set, Goal!

Employees often struggle with setting goals that are meaningful to the organization, and relevant to their daily work. Managers wonder how to set goals jointly with their employees and measure the outcome of employees’ work. This workshop provides practical tips on how to develop SMART goals that will guide and motivate employees and achieve results.

Chatty Cathy’s and Quiet Keith’s

“Why can’t they just figure it out on their own?” “What is taking him so long?!” “Why does she keep talking about stuff she doesn’t know about?” “Why can’t we ever have a productive team meeting?”

In the typical workplace, there are a wide range of personality types, all trying to accomplish the same thing but having very different ways of doing it. We often label others as “control freaks” or “fly by the seat of her pants” types, sometime using even less flattering terminology. Underneath those behaviors is a core personality trait – introversion or extroversion – that informs whether we prefer to be rapid fire or have lots of space. Introverts and extroverts manage their professional presence in fundamentally different ways. So many business challenges have their roots in poor communication.

This 3 hour interactive workshop will close the communication gap between introverts and extroverts in your firm, which opens up everyone to greater productivity and profitability. (PS: Don’t be surprised if you learn some things that help with your personal relationships, too!) Chatty Cathy’s and Quiet Keith’s is co-presented by Andrea Ballard, SPHR and Beth Buelow, ACC, CPC.

First Year Associates: Secrets to Your Success

Congratulations! You’ve landed your first great job. Now the challenge begins. It’s time to jump in and get started, right now. In the first year on any job, you’ll want to focus on your performance and the relationships you make with co-workers, clients, and supervisors. In this class we’ll discuss the expectations of a first year Associate, where to focus your time and attention, and how to make your first year count.

First Time Supervisors

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! But the skills that earned you the promotion aren’t necessarily the same ones that will make you successful in your new role of managing people. In this course we’ll focus on supervision basics: communication, feedback, and holding employees accountable.



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