Wrap up from the World Domination Summit 2013

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Wrap up from the World Domination Summit 2013

Last weekend was a crazy ride. I joined 3,000 people in downtown Portland for the World Domination Summit hosted by Chris Guillbeau. The summit is about “Living a remarkable life in a conventional world” and is filled with entrepreneurs. It was an amazing weekend filled with lots of great moments. Here’s my takeaways:

  • There are lots and lots of people who want to quit their jobs. In fact, any time someone was speaking and said “I quit my job last week” or “I will quit my job on September 1” there was a huge roar of approval from the crowd. What struck me most about this was that so many people see entrepreneurship as an either/or proposition. Either you can work 9-5 for someone else, or you can have your own business. No one was talking about the “and” proposition…keeping your 9-5 job and starting your own business. Yet I spoke to dozens of people doing this. There was the guy who said to me “I work 9-5, but I’m a poet and an ultramarathoner, and I’m figuring out how to combine the two.” Or the fellow who works his day job but runs a blog on beer and spends his evenings testing, tasting, and reviewing craft beers.
  • Even the famous people experience job search stress. Speaker Tess Vigeland was one of my favorite speakers during the weekend. (Let’s start with the joy of being in a crowd of people who knew and loved Tess from hosting NPR’s Marketplace. There’s nothing like being with a fellow group of NPR junkies to warm the heart.) Tess described how she jumped – without a safety net – from Marketplace. The most common reaction from people who knew and loved her? “What the hell are you doing?” Almost a year later, she is still figuring it out. Her attempt to land the hosting gig for the Weekend Edition of All things Considered perfectly paralleled so many of my job searching client’s experience. Like…finding a job you are perfect for. Going through an intensive interview process (Phone, face-to-face, live show audition) that takes over 8 months. Having the staff cheer when you leave the audition! Knowing that you nailed it. And then…crickets. One week passes. Two. Three. And then you get the call. And find out you were the runner-up and someone else got your perfect job.
  • Talk out the ideas in your head and take action. Pam Slim’s “Ideas into Action” workshop was powerful for me. She gave us a simple framework to follow, we turned to the person sitting next to us and workshopped our idea. Bam! Mine was one I’ve been noodling on for months..some way to make busy season more fun for accountants. After five minutes of talking to the stranger next to me I had new insight and a to-do item with a deadline.
  • World Domination Summit attendees are the friendliest people ever. Wearing your WDS lanyard/name tag and walking around in downtown Portland was amazing. Fellow Summit attendees constantly approached me, introduced themselves, and asked me what brought me to the conference. I’ve been to hundreds of conferences and never made so many connections or met so many nice people. It gave me inspiration for the next business conference I attend…I’m going to put myself out there a lot more and meet new people.

Overall, the WDS is well worth the money. Portland is a fabulous city and the energy of the attendees and speakers is infectious. If you’re thinking of launching your own business, WDS 2014 is a great place to start.

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